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10 Years of VAIO Innovation

Press release   •   Jul 15, 2008 19:00 CEST

Berlin, 15 July 2008 - From its European launch in 1998, VAIO has been the source of a constant stream of innovation. That year saw the arrival of the magnesium-cased PCG-505, a machine ahead of its time in terms of its remarkable slimness, low weight, and advanced construction materials. It also introduced a forward-looking design first: the “Goto purple”. In an era of predominantly grey and black portables, the 505’s designer Teiyu Goto made an inspired decision to give it the very special violet-grey accent that now bears his name.

By 2004, its direct descendent, the X505 or ‘VAIO 505 Extreme’ was to be the slimmest notebook the market had ever seen, featuring astonishing component miniaturisation and multilayer carbon fibre construction inspired by the worlds of aerospace engineering and Formula 1.

In the meantime, VAIO had pioneered the integrated MOTION EYE™ webcam, first seen in the tiny PCG-C1 in 1999, and was to go on to produce the VGN-UX1 in 2007, at the time the world’s smallest and lightest ultra-portable running Microsoft® Windows XP.

More recently, 2006 saw VAIO anticipating the future by introducing the VGN-AR, the first ever notebook with an integrated Blu-ray Disc™ drive.

The Summer 2008 range continues the VAIO tradition of pushing at the technical boundaries while creating truly stylish and desirable products. The VAIO Z is the perfect example: a premium design ultra-mobile without any performance compromise.

The following summary of VAIO highlights since the European launch of the brand helps illustrate some of what has been achieved over the last decade.

  • VAIO launches in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France in 1998
  • PCG-505: the first-generation VAIO 505 is highly compact and portable, yet strong thanks to its magnesium case, and stylish too with its unique purple finish (1998)
  • PCG-C1: first widescreen notebook with integrated webcam presages future of mobile video chat (1999)
  • PCG-SR: getting ready for the wireless revolution with the first notebook incorporating Bluetooth® (2000)
  • PCG-QR: bold, unconventional, stylish and 100% VAIO – the first ‘lifestyle’ notebook from VAIO (2001)
  • PCG-Z1: the first VAIO to use Intel® Centrino® technology, capable of up to 7 hours battery life, still very respectable by today’s standards. Unique, curved design and a then highly-advanced SXGA+ screen were bonuses (2003)
  • PCV-W1: the first all-in-one PC, designed from the ground up to do full justice to the concept of a hybrid device – emphatically not a PC with a TV tuner (2003)
  • VGN-X505: the ‘VAIO 505 Extreme’ was the slimmest notebook of the moment thanks to exceptional engineering and a ground-breaking multilayer carbon fibre case (2004)
  • VGN-AR: first ever notebook with an integrated Blu-ray Disc™ drive, the shape of things to come (2006)
  • VGX-XL: a true media centre, virtually silent, complete with Blu-ray Disc™ drive and HDMI-output, designed to sit elegantly at the heart of the digital home (2006)
  • VGN-UX: smallest Microsoft® Windows XP base ultra-mobile PC with slide-out keyboard and flash memory (2007)
  • VGN-TZ: astonishing 4.7mm slim screen yet still housing a MOTION EYE™ webcam, carbon-fibre construction, just 1.19kg, power-saving LED screen illumination and tight security – the statement business ultra-portable of the year (2007)