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Authentic cinema sound meets high quality craftsmanship with the DA5700ES AV receiver

Press release   •   Apr 23, 2012 09:01 CEST

Movies never sounded better
From Drive to Driving Miss Daisy, give your favourite movies the soundtrack they deserve with the DA5700 AV receiver.

Crafted using premium grade materials and precision engineered audio components, it’s built for optimum acoustic performance. Innovative features include “Vocal Height Mode”, which enhances vocal sources to make sure that all-important dialogue can be easily heard above the action.

Serious Home Cinema enthusiasts who want to further enhance sound quality can even expand the 7.2 channel surround sound to 9.2 channels by adding 2 Front High speakers.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Hollywood sound engineer to set up your multi-speaker system. Thanks to Digital Cinema Auto Calibration EX (DCAC EX) from Sony, the DA5700 does it for you. Simply place the included stereo microphone where you’ll be seated and DCAC EX automatically optimises audio settings based on the distance, delays and placement of your speakers.

Once it’s all up and running, network connectivity gives you easy access to the Sony Entertainment Network. So you can stream thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows and enjoy them with premium quality sound.

Just like being there
For classical music lovers, the DA5700 has another treat in store: two unique sound features that reproduce genuine concert hall audio quality.

Tune into the “Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall” channel on the Sony Entertainment Network and the DA5700 can recreate the acoustic characteristics of the world-renowned Berliner Philharmonie concert hall. Close your eyes and you could be almost be there.

Or choose “True Concert Hall Mapping”, which simulates the acoustics of some of Europe’s best-loved concert halls, and experience symphonies as never before.

With USB DAC, you can also connect the DA5700 to your PC using a USB cable and play various types of audio files. It’s a simple way to experience your PC music collection at its best, in high quality over your home cinema system.

In addition, you can wirelessly stream Internet radio stations from all over the world to broaden your musical horizons.

Whatever you’re enjoying, from your favourite album to the latest TV box set, it can all be controlled using your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. Simply download ES Media Remote for free from Apple and Google Play app stores.

Raising the bar
“Sound is such an integral part of the movie watching experience,” says Naoto Yoshioka, Product Manager of Home Audio Video Business at Sony Europe, “so we really wanted to take Home Cinema audio quality to the next level. With the DA5700, we’ve done that and more.”

“We also wanted to do justice to that Sony tradition of creating beautiful looking and beautifully crafted home entertainment equipment. And that’s reflected in every detail of the DA5700. Every surface, every join, every connection, every switch – they just feel right.”