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Beautiful music’s always with you: new wireless speakers from Sony

Press release   •   Jan 06, 2016 02:00 CET

Expand your listening pleasure with High-Resolution Audio, Multi-room and portable listening options

  • SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 wireless speakers with High-Resolution Audio (ZR7), SongPal Link & easy access to wide range of online music streaming apps
  • SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 water resistant portable wireless speakers with EXTRA BASS[i]
  • h.ear go - world’s smallest portable High-Resolution Audio wireless speaker[ii]

In every room of the house or out and about: the music’s always there for you with the latest wireless speakers from Sony.

Latest additions to the range give even more options for enjoying the thrilling purity of High-Resolution Audio playback, bringing you closer than ever to the sound as the artist truly intended. Even if you’re listening to compressed MP3 music files, Sony’s DSEE HXTM technology upscales the original signal’s sampling frequency and bit-depth. You’ll be rewarded with higher fidelity and wider dynamic range that brings all your listening closer to High-Resolution Audio quality.

Touch your NFC compatible Walkman®, smartphone or tablet against our compact, sleekly styled new speakers to start streaming brilliantly pure, clear digital sound.

Wireless listening’s never been so satisfying: LDAC technology transmits three times more data via Bluetooth® for crisply-detailed, lag-free playback of all your favourite tunes. And with exciting new Multi-Room options, SongPal Link lets you group compatible Sony speakers and Sound Bars under control of your mobile – and enjoy music just the way you want to.

SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 wireless speakers

The SRS-ZR7 brings you the clarity of High-Resolution Audio, all wrapped up in a sleek design that flatters any room. Both the SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 featurenewly developed full-range drivers for a smooth, extended frequency response, while two subwoofers and the passive radiator deliver deep, sonorous bass.

The beautifully styled SRS-ZR7 offers loads of exciting listening options to explore. Tap for One-touch connection with compatible NFC devices. Stream tracks over Wi-Fi from your home media server. Cast music, online radio stations and podcasts from your mobile straight to the speaker with Google Cast[iii]™. Or experience an exciting world of online music with Spotify Connect, using your mobile’s Spotify app as a remote.

With a clean, friendly new interface, the latest version of Sony’s SongPal app (for iOS/Android) makes it even easier to configure multiple speakers for exciting listening experiences.

Multi-Room lets family and house guests enjoy crystal clear music streamed over Wi-Fi to every room where there’s a wireless speaker. Wireless Surround makes it easy to add left/right rear channels to enhance your TV and Sound Bar set-up. Position a pair of wireless speakers at the back of the room and enjoy a room-filling audio boost to movies, TV shows and video games. Wireless Stereo pairs two separate speaker units to instantly create a wide, 2-channel stereo soundstage.

Wireless Stereo / Wireless Surround will be supported via a SongPal upgrade from June 2016 onwards.

SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 water resistant portable wireless speakers

Loud and proud, they’re the compact speakers with really big sound. Made for on-the-go music pleasure, the SRS-XB3 and SRS-XB2 boast a huge battery life (up to 24 hours on the XB3, up to12 hours on the XB2) – letting you listen longer with no need to hunt for a plug. Waterproof to IPX5[iv] standards, they’re equally at home in the kitchen, outside or providing the soundtrack for that impromptu party.

Newly-developed full-range speaker units plus passive radiators[v] are teamed with unique Sony DSP processing that takes you deeper. The result is new EXTRA BASS technology, focusing on powerful reproduction of the frequency ranges that are a signature of modern dancefloor and EDM tracks. Whatever your listening tastes, you’ll be impressed with a sure, solid low-end with a punch that belies both speakers’ compact size.

Placed horizontally, the XB3 fills the room with crisp, loud stereo sound. Or if you’re tight for space stand the speaker vertically and get clear, evenly-dispersed sound from a small footprint.

Hungry for an even bigger sound? The handy Speaker Add function lets you wirelessly hook up a second XB3/XB2 unit, instantly increasing you music power with a choice of Double and Stereo speaker modes.

And as an extra trick, the XB3 can charge your connected smartphone – handy if you’re in the garden or out and about with no mains nearby.

h.ear go portable Hi-Res wireless speaker

Enjoy great sound at home and on the move with h.ear go, the world’s smallest portable wireless speaker that’s High-Resolution Audio compatible.

Despite its compact size, stylish h.ear go packs a powerful audio punch with impressively detailed High-Resolution Audio sound quality and larger-than-life bass. Built in Wi-Fi lets you access your favourite music streaming apps through Google CastTM and Spotify Connect. Multi-Room compatibility opens up exciting new listening experiences powered by Sony’s SongPal app. Link two units for a wireless stereo speaker system, or add h.ear go as a wireless surround extension speaker to boost your home cinema set-up. And with up to 12 hours battery life from a single charge, there’s no need to stop the party before the last guest’s gone home.

Please refer to the h.ear press release for full information. 

The new SRS-XB3, SRS-XB2 and h.ear go wireless speakers will be available in Europe in April 2016 priced at approximately €170 (SRS-XB3), €120 (SRS-XB2) and €250 (h.ear go). The SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5 will be available in Europe in June 2016 priced at approximately €350 (SRS-ZR7) and €230 (SRS-ZR5).

Full specifications can be seen here: SRS-ZR7, SRS-ZR5, SRS-XB3, SRS-XB2, h.ear go.

[i]EXTRA BASS is a Sony trademark

[ii] According to Sony internal study, as of press release timing

[iii]Google Cast is a trademark of Google Inc.

[iv]The device is not fully water resistant. Do not immerse in water. Do not expose to sea water

[v]XB3 only. XB2 has a single passive radiator

[ED1]Add hyperlink to h.ear press release

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