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Even more entertainment when you’re on the road – the new App Remote from Sony

Press release   •   Aug 29, 2012 16:45 CEST

App remote in car audio

  • Connect your smartphone to your car stereo to take control of apps and music as you drive
  • Display what’s playing on the stereo on your smartphone screen
  • Don’t look at your phone for SMS messages – hear text messages through your car stereo

Stay in control when you’re at the wheel

Want a soundtrack to keep you entertained on long car journeys – but don’t want to keep switching between your smartphone and car stereo? With App Remote from Sony you can now enjoy all your favourite songs in one place that’s easy and safe to access when driving.

Combine music and apps on your smartphone with what you’re listening to on your car audio system[1]. Just press play on your stereo to hear your song collection without switching between devices. You can easily change the music between your FM tuner, CD, USB device, smartphone music player or Internet radio; you can open maps, apps or get album artwork from your smartphone. App Remote even reads your SMS messages aloud[2]. You get all this from one place for simpler, safer control[3] when you drive.

Heads-up display

It’s easy to see what’s rocking your world with car stereo functions displayed on your smartphone screen. Use simple gesture controls[4] such as a vertical swipe of the finger to change radio station, a tap to play or pause, or a horizontal slide to jump to the next track on a USB device you’re running through your stereo. Keep the music playing while you keep your eyes on the road.

Get the message

Stay in touch as your journey passes by. When a text message hits the inbox on your Android phone[5], App Remote reads it out loud through your car stereo. That means you don’t need to pull over to stay up to date with what’s going on.

Make every journey entertaining

App Remote is another innovation from Sony created to transform the in-car experience. App Remote brings together all your entertainment into one place, no matter on what device it’s stored.

“We designed App Remote to take the sting out of boring car journeys by making it easy to enjoy your favourite music and apps as you travel,” says Tomohiro Suko, General Manager Car Audio, Sony Europe. “And as you don’t have to interrupt your trip when a text comes through, you can get where you’re going without missing out on the latest news.”

App Remote is available free of charge at Google Play (Android OS smartphones) and the App Store (iOS for iPhone) from 1st September, 2012.

Product video available on the following link:

[1] Compatible with the following car audio systems from Sony: MEX-GS600BT, MEX-BT4100U, MEX-BT3100U, CDX-GS500R, CDX-GT575UI, CDX-GT570UI/GT574UI

[2] Automatic reading of the SMS function is only available for Android phones with the TTS Engine installed

[3] Smartphone apps can be launched from the car audio system, but the number of controllable functions are limited

[4] For your safety, follow the local traffic laws and regulations, and avoid operating the application while driving

[5] Only available for Android phones with TTS Engine installed