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Press release   •   Sep 04, 2013 16:45 CEST

  • Easily enjoy today’s high resolution music and all your digital audio files with supreme quality
  • HDD audio player HAP-Z1ES; integrated stereo amplifier TA-A1ES; compact HDD audio system HAP-S1; USB DAC amplifier UDA-1; bookshelf loudspeakers SS-HA1 and SS-HA3

Now you can enjoy music as the artist originally intended it to be heard. The brand-new generation of High Resolution audio products from Sony takes you beyond CD quality – revealing every detail from today’s ‘HD’ sound formats and your entire digital music collection.

From original studio master recording to your living room, no-one knows more about uncompromising music reproduction than Sony. As co-developer of the original Compact Disc format in 1982 and SACD/DSD in 1999, Sony has consistently brought purer, truer sound to music lovers. As today’s consumers steadily demand even better-quality listening experiences, Sony today introduces a new range of hi-fi products that express ‘The Power of Premium Sound’.

Drawing on decades of audio heritage, the new family of six High Resolution Audio products faithfully reproduces each nuance of today’s finest reference-quality recordings. The Sony line-up includes two HDD audio players, a USB DAC amplifier, an integrated stereo amplifier, and two loudspeaker systems.

Sony is also launching a new online ‘gateway’, where music lovers can browse and download a growing range of High Resolution recordings at

HAP-Z1ES HDD audio player and TA-A1ES integrated stereo amplifier
Meticulously engineered to true audiophile standards, the HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player extracts the finest musical details from today’s High Resolution audio files. Music files are stored on the player’s 1TB hard drive, and can be transferred – wirelessly or via a cable connection – from your PC or Mac using the ‘HAP Music Transfer’ application. The app automatically syncs with fresh downloads, so your player’s hard drive is always up to date.

It’s easy to explore and choose stored music files on the player’s colourful 10.9cm (4.3”) front panel LCD. Alternatively, browse selections wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS) with Sony’s new ‘HDD Audio Remote’ app. And if you need even more music, just connect a further hard drive via USB to boost your storage.

The HAP-Z1ES effortlessly plays virtually any music format – including MP3, DSD (up to 5.6 MHz), DSF, FLAC, WMA, ALAC, ATRAC, AIFF. Whatever your music tastes, you’ll enjoy unprecedented levels of detail and clarity.

Even ‘lossy’ MP3 files tracks sound clearer and more satisfying. DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) faithfully restores those subtle high frequency details that get sacrificed with heavily-compressed digital music files.

The HAP-Z1ES is perfectly complemented by the matching TA-A1ES 2x80W integrated stereo amplifier. It’s built to equally exacting standards, with all-discreet preamp stages, audiophile-grade components throughout and a highly rigid chassis to cut electro-mechanical vibration.

A FET input buffer stage reduces distortion, and the circuit topology of the TA-A1ES has been streamlined to improve sound quality. The emitter resistor, plus coil and capacitor that are normally used to improve stability have all been eliminated, allowing high-current amplification from a single push-pull circuit. Amplifier bias is also controlled intelligently depending on volume control settings, ensuring the best possible sound quality with extremely low distortion at any listening level.

HAP-S1 compact HDD audio player system
A ‘one-box’ integrated alternative to the flagship HAP-Z1ES/TA-A1ES, the HAP-S1 combines HDD player functions with a gutsy 2x40W amplifier in a compact, stunningly styled unit. Like its HAP-Z1ES sibling, on-board Wi-Fi allows easy syncing with high-resolution files downloaded to your PC or Mac.

UDA-1 USB DAC amplifier
Connecting by USB to your computer – or even your smartphone – the UDA-1 USB DAC Amplifier adds extra sparkle to any digital music library. Just hook up a pair of speakers and enjoy dramatically improved sound playback compared with your PC’s sound card. whether you’re listening to high-resolution audio downloads, MP3 tracks or using favourite apps like Spotify* and iTunes**. Despite its heavyweight audio credentials, the amplifier’s space-saving 225mm chassis won’t dominate your desktop.

SS-HA1 and SS-HA3 High Resolution-compatible bookshelf speakers
Also available, two new bookshelf loudspeaker systems faithfully reproduce your High Resolution audio collection with exhilarating musicality and precision. The SS-HA1 and SS-HA3 feature a newly-developed double super tweeter, with separate high-frequency units in the front of and on top of the baffle. They’re teamed with a MRC (mica reinforced cellular) woofer in both models for an exceptionally wide, accurately resolved soundfield.

The UDA-1 will be available in Europe from mid-October. The HAP-Z1ES, TA-A1ES, HAP-S1 and SS-HA1 will be available from November. Availability of the SS-HA3 will be confirmed separately.