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Press release   •   Jun 28, 2011 01:00 CEST

· NEW 13.1” VAIO Z Series: ultimate performance and design, less than 1.2kg and 16.65mm slim with new Power Media Dock™ 1

· 16.0” VAIO F Series: 3D notebook with one-touch 3D button

· 15.5” and 17.3” VAIO E Series: easy, smart, stylish notebook

· 14.0” and 15.5” VAIO C Series: notebook with radical ‘glow’ style options

· 13.3” VAIO S Series: slim, light and powerful with smart battery concept

· 11.6” VAIO Y Series: fully-featured notebook with up to 6 hours2 battery stamina

· 24.0” VAIO L Series: all-in-one home PC with Full HD multi-touch screen and bezel sensor

This summer’s range of VAIO PCs by Sony lets you work and relax with more power, more mobility… and loads more style.

Ultimate performance and design: new VAIO Z Series notebook PC 13.1” (33.2cm)

Just 1.15kg and 16.65mm slim, brand-new VAIO Z Series blends must-have styling and premium materials with heavyweight performance. In the office or on the road, the most powerful VAIO notebook yet from Sony delivers ultimate on-the-move computing power.

VAIO Z highlights include a stunning VAIO Display Premium screen with a resolution of 1600x900, up to 256GB SSD RAID storage and Quick Boot that gets you working faster. Adding a thin, flat optional secondary battery boasts stamina to up to 14 hours2 for day-and-night working, even if you’re far from mains power. There’s also a HD web camera powered by Exmor™ technology for crisper, clearer conferencing and web chats, even in low light.

It’s the first ever VAIO that boosts productivity even further with the unique Power Media Dock™ 1. Connected to this monolithic expansion module via an optical cable, VAIO Z effortlessly handles intensive graphics tasks and can drive up to three external monitors – a perfect solution for design, finance and science professionals.

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Bring your 3D world to life: VAIO F Series notebook PC 16.0” (40.6cm)

Slip on your active shutter glasses and immerse yourself in an exciting world of 3D movies, games and videos with VAIO F Series.

The 16.0” Full HD VAIO Display Premium brings entertainment to life with a brilliant 3D image that’s optimised for comfortable, flicker-free viewing. Just press the 3D button and switch instantly between 2D and 3D viewing. ‘Native’ supported 3D content includes movies on Blu-ray Disc™, games and videos. You can also enjoy 3D panoramic still images captured with Cyber-shot™ digital cameras and α DSLR digital cameras by Sony. In addition, 2D movies on Blu-ray Disc or DVD can be instantly up-converted to simulated 3D video at the touch of a button.

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Easy, smart, stylish:
VAIO E Series notebook PC 15.5” (39.5cm) and 17.3” (43.8cm)

A great entry into the world of VAIO, VAIO E Series handles your everyday computing needs with ease. Smart looks and a range of colour finishes are accentuated by an attractive textured finish that’s easy to hold while you’re on the move. The comfortable keyboard is complemented on all models by a separate numeric keypad for easy, rapid data entry. Practicality and ease of use is underlined by the Quick Web button that gets you online and surfing in seconds, while time-saving ASSIST and VAIO buttons boost your productivity further.

Selected models feature an integrated Blu-ray Disc player for enjoying movies and more on the clear, high-contrast VAIO Display screen. An HDMI™ output connects VAIO to your HD TV, while support for the latest Bluetooth® 3.0 allows easy cable-free connection with other devices around the home.

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Light up your life:
colourful VAIO C Series notebook PC 14.0” (35.5cm) and 15.5” (39.5cm)

With eye-grabbing looks that demand attention, colourful VAIO C Series makes a dramatic lifestyle statement. Its radical style direction offers a choice of fashion colours for 14.0” screen size models, including two special orange and green ‘light emitting’ options. This audacious design scatters light along edges of the translucent PC lid and other key surfaces, creating a dramatic ‘glow’. 15.5” models are available in a choice of black or white finishes.

The high contrast 14.0” (35.5cm) / 15.5” (39.5cm) real-wide VAIO Display with LED backlighting provides plenty of screen space for web browsing or document editing. The backlit keyboard is complemented by a multi-touch pad and ambient light sensor that optimises screen brightness for a comfortable view in daylight or darkness.

Included on selected models, hybrid graphics switch automatically between performance and battery-saving modes to suit the task in hand. A 3D-capable HDMI output connects VAIO to your 3D TV for enjoying 3D movies or games on the big screen (for models configured with Blu-ray Disc player).

15.5” VAIO C Series models offer the additional refinement of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity. They can also be configured to order with a Full HD (1920x1080) VAIO Display Plus.

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Power in motion:
slim, light VAIO S Series notebook PC 13.3” (33.7cm)

The smarter choice for business, VAIO S Series features a stylish ‘full flat’ design for enhanced mobility and robustness. Less than 24mm thin, it weighs a travel-friendly 1.75kg (approx.).

The innovative ‘Smart battery’ concept lets you keep working day and night without a pause. The internal Lithium Polymer battery gives power for up to 7 hours2 computing time (in stamina mode). A thin optional secondary Lithium Polymer battery can be charged separately from the PC and attached at any time, boosting total stamina up to 14 hours2.

The Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System switches seamlessly between integrated GPU and high-performance graphics card for an optimised balance between performance and endurance. The LCD screen’s advanced low-reflection coating allows easy viewing in any lighting conditions, offering the optimum balance of suppressing reflections while maintaining clear images.

Fast Boot saves precious time when you’re in a hurry, loading Genuine Windows® 7 up to 50% quicker than conventional notebooks. There’s also a conveniently-placed WEB button that powers up your PC for Internet access in seconds. Embedded VAIO 'everywair' 3G WWAN on selected models lets you connect on the move via your mobile broadband operator at up to 7.2Mbps.

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Travel light:
VAIO Y Series fully-featured notebook PC 11.6” (29.4cm)

With ample processing power and generous 6 hours1 battery life, VAIO Y Series is a fully-featured PC that’s styled for an effortless computing experience, whether you’re staying in contact with friends or catching up on work outside the office.

Weighting less than 1.5kg, it’s easy to carry and hold with a tough, eye-catching chassis and cylindrical hinge design. The high contrast 11.6” (29.4cm) real-wide VAIO Display provides plenty of space for web browsing and document editing.

The full-pitch isolation keyboard assures comfortable, precise typing with an ergonomic touchpad for precision gestural control. There’s also a MOTION EYE web camera for video chat and an HDMI output for enjoying HD content on your HD TV.

VAIO Y Series is available with a choice of system configurations. VAIO YA targets business travellers who need to work harder with less to carry. Even more affordable, VAIO YB features VISION Technology by AMD for a smooth, vivid HD visual experience.

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A touch of brilliance:
VAIO L Series all-in-one PC 24.0” (61cm)

Everyone in the family can enjoy a beautiful view of videos, photos, games and more with the stylish VAIO L series multimedia PC.

The space-saving, all-in-one design showcases a 24.0” (61cm) VAIO Display Plus. This multi-touch screen with LED backlight brings Full HD content to life with superb clarity and contrast. The screen is surrounded by an innovative touch-sensitive bezel that gives friendly ‘no mouse’ access to key functions. Just touch the bezel to launch applications, navigate web pages, flick between on-screen windows and more.

An HDMI output connects VAIO L Series to any HD TV to watch video, photos, graphics and PC games. There’s also an HDMI input that turns VAIO into a Full HD monitor, even when the computer’s not booted up.

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1 Power Media Dock available with selected models or as an optional accessory

2 As measured by MobileMark® battery test

Specifications and features vary by model. Please check VAIO laptops for more information.