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Get tips and advice on styling your living room from two top designers

Press release   •   Oct 10, 2011 14:22 CEST

Sony has been working with top designers, Lisa Roberts and Agnieszka Debska, to create a short film, ‘Living Room Looks’. Aimed at anyone looking for advice on restyling their home or those interested in interior design, it takes the viewer through how they created two inspiring looks for the living room.

Starting from two blank walls Lisa took inspiration from the glamour of the 70’s whereas the film sees Agnieszka follow more of a travelling theme with Mediterranean influences.

The two designers also show how technology and style can work together when styling a living room, if you have the right tools. After spending time and money on getting your living room look just right, you will want a television that looks just as good. However, we’ve all been there – how do you judge if it will fit into a certain space, how will it look when it’s there and will it fit with the design of your room? A lack of confidence over sizes can often lead us to opt for a smaller size when that larger television you really wanted would’ve looked just fine.

Lisa and Agnieszka show how Sony’s Augmented Reality TV Size Guide lets consumers see exactly how different size televisions look in any given location. Hosted online,, you can compare the different sizes so before you buy you’ll know exactly what looks best.

Tim Schwarz, Online Content Manager, Sony Europe explains: “Everyone wants their living room to look great and every so often it comes in need of restyling. It can be difficult to know where to start, so we’ve been working with top designers to talk you through how they do it – from start to finish – with some useful advice along the way. The design of a living room isn’t just about furniture and pictures though, it’s just as important to make your home entertainment technology look good – and the most important piece is usually the television. Our TV Size Guide is ideal for making sure you have the right size and it’s in the right place – Lisa and Agnieszka both had beautifully designed rooms and the app made sure the television complimented this.”

Designer tips on styling your living room

Lisa Roberts:
· When redesigning any room the best place to start is to work out what your look is. The easiest way to do this is to do a mood board. You can do this by tearing out pages from magazines of looks and colours that you like. After a while you’ll start seeing a trend coming through
· Metallics are very sympathetic to any colour scheme – you can put golds, silvers, bronzes, coppers, and they’ll sit really well in your existing living room
· Always buy the best that you can afford. Even in your home there will inevitably be a lot of wear and tear on your interiors, so always make sure that you buy the most hardwearing fabrics, floor coverings and furniture that you can

Living Room Looks Campaign for TV Size Guide styled by Lisa Roberts

Agnieszka Debska:
· When deciding on e new colour scheme, paint the swatches on the wall and see how that looks in different light and times of day
· Have a play with textures, mix heavy knitted throws with silk and velvet cushions, juxtapose crackle glazed bowl against a glass coffee table
· Bring old furniture to life by adding new accessories. An old sofa can be easily updated by adding a few colourful cushions or a throw to it

Living Room Looks Campaign for TV Size Guide styled by Agnieszka Debska

How Sony’s TV Size Guide works

The prospective TV buyer simply goes to the TV Size Guide [] website and follows four easy steps:
1. Download and print out a marker – this is a simple shape printed onto an A4 piece of paper that the app will recognise and transfer into your selected TV
2. Place this marker where you want your TV to go, either on a flat horizontal surface or mounted on a wall, and take a photograph of it.
3. Upload the image to Sony’s online tool and it will automatically pick up the marker, working out the appropriate scale and position for your TV. Choose different size TVs which will appear on top of the marker to find the best one for you.
4. Save your images to create a gallery of choices to compare and contrast.

For more details on how the Sony TV Size Guide works you can watch a how to video here