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Holzweiler and Sony Collaboration

Press release   •   Feb 01, 2021 12:00 CET

Holzweiler and Sony Collaboration

Holzweiler announces it is collaborating with Sony Europe to create digital content for its brand and retail experiences.

AW21 and SS21 collaborations

The first launch of the collaboration between Sony Europe’s Design Centre Europe team and Holzweiler involves the AW21 collection. Sony has created ´Coded Ambience´ digital content for Holzweiler’s main fall content assets released during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Coded Ambience defined here as a new reality, where nature and humanity merge with technology; instinct and creativity, in symbiosis with intelligence. It touches every aspect of our senses, uncovering experiences between our world and the imaginary, creating a landscape of enhanced nature and intricate craft. Through a joint creative platform, we traverse from the ordinary into the extraordinary, making the seemingly impossible, possible. Twisting and questioning the reality, is a way to be curious explorers of a possible future, a future of hope, enticement, and bravery.

In the deep forests of Jevnaker by the Randselva river, just north of Oslo, lies the Twist as part of the Kistefos Museum. The Twist, designed by architects B.I.G., resembles a simple beam that spans the Randselva to connect the two edges of the site. A simple twist in the building’s volume allows the bridge to lift from the lower forested area towards the south, up to the hillside area in the north. On paper it seems subtle, however in reality it is both breath-taking as well as completely fascinating.

For the AW21 collection, both the Holzweiler design team and Sony have been working with point of departure in this spectacular architectural Twist translating its core and turning it into a textual as well as a visual concept.

Oslo store retail experience collaboration

Following the release of the AW21 and the SS21 collaborations a new project launches in May 2021 for the new Holzweiler store in Oslobukta, Oslo, Norway. The collaboration involves Sony’s in-house design and technology development teams together with Holzweiler´s creative team and retail space design partners, Snøhetta. Holzweiler is planning to integrate existing and new technology systems into a unique digital and retail experience that seamlessly blends physical space and interactive digital content.

Maria Skappel Holzweiler about the collaboration: “As the year 2020 came and brought with it a new decade; it turned the world on its head. Wildfires, a pandemic, increasingly more unstable 1st world societies, black lives matter, loss of rights for women, loneliness, hunger, war and more poverty for those already in need. The AW21 reflects on the abrupt changes we have all felt in our lives. The current world crisis has made us all long for escapism. And that is where technology has proved indispensable in many ways. Together with Sony we have created an interpretation of inside the Twist, dissolving the natural laws and bringing the water that runs below the real Twist inside, with the light (seeming to come from outside) moving in an unnatural speed. Continuing on this path for the SS21 that is soon to be released as well, we are excited for you to see and join us in this imaginary world for a brief moment.”

Hirotaka Tako, Creative Director / Head of Sony Europe, Design Centre Europe: “We are excited to collaborate with Holzweiler bringing new value and unique digital experience to their brand. Our aim is to challenge visitors to explore the interactions between people, fashion and space through technology and design developing ways to create an Immersive, holistic brand experience."

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and other business areas, and has created a wide variety of designs, including brands and interfaces. We will continue to explore the full potential of design and work with people from around the world to create a richer and more comfortable lifestyle, and to create new values provided by the fusion of design and technology.

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