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Home audio that brings more power to your party

Press release   •   Sep 04, 2013 16:45 CEST

  • Get thumping bass and great sound from 3-way speakers with separate tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers
  • Bring your parties to life with club-like DJ effects and multi-coloured LED light displays that sync with your beats
  • Let there be music wirelessly, play all your music from your smartphone or tablet with just one touch, using NFC/ Bluetooth® connectivity

Sound that packs a real punch

Want great sound at your next party, barbecue or get-together? Look no further. With up to 2400W of thumping power, SHAKE-5 is sure to get the place hopping. And with 3-way speakers incorporating separate tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers, you'll enjoy clear, well-balanced sound. Sound that does justice to the highest-pitched vocals as well as the deepest bass beats. Even when you pile on the power, the MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) cone speaker design keeps distortion at bay, just music to your ears.

Pump up the bass

Some music cries out for an audio system that can reproduce the deep pumping bass of all those club anthems and techno beats. No problem. With a separate woofer and sub-woofer in each speaker, you get powerful and realistic low frequency sound. And if that's not enough, you only need to press the Bass Bazuca button to get an instant low frequency sound boost to make those driving bass lines even more powerful.

Let there be music wirelessly

Simply stream your music to your audio system with one-touch.

You've just downloaded some great sounds to your MP3 player, smartphone, tablet or laptop and now want to hear them on your home audio. Just touch your device to SHAKE-5 and that's it. That's because SHAKE-5 has built-in NFC and Bluetooth® technology, meaning you can stream tracks between NFC-enabled devices with just one touch or by connecting via Bluetooth®. No cables, complicated settings or menus to worry about.

Time for a lightshow

Friends round for a party? Just turn down the lights and replicate the excitement of the dance floor with a pulsating light show. A vivid multi-coloured LED light display replicates the excitement of the dance floor with an array of colours pulsing from your speakers in sync with the beat of your music. And with more than 20 different LED effects to select, you can change the atmosphere and mood as you choose.

Recreate that special DJ club atmosphere in your home

Be in charge of the music and take control of your party. You can create that club atmosphere with special DJ effects, including flanger, isolator, sound flash, and phaser. And with DJ control buttons on the system and the remote, you can even change effects while dancing on the other side of the room.

“From the special DJ effects to the LED light displays, we set out to bring that exciting club atmosphere into the home,” says Takashi Toriyabe, Product Planner, Home Entertainment & Sound Business Group, “most important of all was delivering the crisp sound and booming bass clubbers have come to expect and enjoy so much. We really think the difference will be music to their ears.”

Play and record your music with Dual USB

Share your music across all your devices, simply and conveniently. Just plug a USB stick into the front USB port on the SHAKE-5 and enjoy your latest music in crisp, clear sound. With an additional USB PLAY/REC port, you can also copy songs straight from CD, USB or radio to your smartphone or tablet. Want enhanced sound? You can even change the recording bit rate when recording to USB.

Tune in to your favourite radio stations

Listen to a late-night concert, breakfast with your chosen DJ, or catch up with the latest news. You're all set up with a full range of FM and AM radio stations.

Power in your hands using the remote commander

Simply activate the system lock and your SHAKE-5 can only be operated by the remote commander. SHAKE-5 is easy to turn off as well – just hold down the STOP button for more than five seconds to turn it on and off.