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More style, more music, less space

Press release   •   Oct 17, 2011 09:00 CEST

ICF-DS15Ip from Sony: Slim, compact clock radio dock ‘Made for iPod and iPhone’

Sony gives your day a more dynamic start with the svelte new ICF-DS15iP clock radio dock Made for iPhone/iPod.

Filling the room with rich, satisfying stereo sound, the ICF-DS15iP helps you wake in style to your favourite iPhone/iPod tunes, radio or the built-in alarm.

It’s beautifully styled in premium materials, with slim lines that won’t hog space on your bedside table. But despite its compact profile, the all-in-one clock radio dock does ample justice to any music collection. 3.5W+3.5W output power and enhanced MEGABASS deliver clear, commanding music and vocals with radio or iPod/iPhone sources. With crystal-clear highs and solid bass, the ICF-DS15iP also makes an ideal extra home audio system for anywhere in the house – whether you’re working in the study or entertaining friends in the kitchen.

Come the morning, the large, easy-to-read clock display and simple controls lessen the pain of waking up. The versatile dual alarm can be programmed with separate wake-up times for weekdays and the weekend, saving you the chore of remembering different settings on different days.

A handy card-sized remote lets you control iPod/iPhone speakers, radio and alarm functions from the comfort of your bed or the other side of the room.

Available in a choice of black or black/silver finishes, the all-in-one ICF-DS15iP clock radio dock station Made for iPhone/iPod by Sony is available from 17thOctober 2011.