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Open up to High Definition with the VAIO FW-Series: Designed to Entertain

Press release   •   Jul 15, 2008 05:00 CEST

  • 16.4-inch X-black display with true wide 16:9 aspect ratio and 100% colour fidelity
  • Blu-ray Disc™ drive for future-proof entertainment
  • Elegant, compact design featuring magnesium case and super-ergonomic keyboard

Berlin, 15 July 2008 - Sony’s VAIO FW-Series was created for the next generation of format High Definition entertainment. It combines the must-have features of a true 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen display with an integral Blu-ray Disc™ drive.

Surprisingly compact yet with an impressive 16.4-inch display and hugely powerful thanks to a potent mix of Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors and ATI® graphics, the VAIO FW has everything you need to make mobile HD a reality. As befits a machine designed for peak multimedia performance, the FW-Series is based on the new Intel Centrino 2 platform, boosting everything from multitasking and memory speed to battery life.

“Here is a portable for people who are embracing the future,” said Hidetoshi Takigawa, Marketing Director for VAIO of Europe. “It is technically sophisticated and at the same time hugely stylish. It lets you immerse yourself in beautifully reproduced HD yet it remains fully portable and can be moved around the house as you desire. If you prefer to set trends rather than follow them, the VAIO FW will complement your lifestyle perfectly.”

The specially designed screen packs in the visual superlatives Sony is renowned for. The WXGA++ (1600 x 900) resolution means masses of workspace as well as perfectly reproduced widescreen HD format movies or personal HD video content. Enhanced blue spectrum range – where human vision is highly sensitive – allows extremely accurate reproduction of the colour variations that can be perceived by the eye, while Sony’s exclusive X-black LCD screen enhancement boosts contrast and delivers remarkable, natural colour. Selected models1 feature double lamp technology for superlative brightness, further optimising an already exceptional display.

In order to make sure that HD movies sound as good as they look, the range uses Dolby Sound Room® technology to recreate the immersive quality of a small home theatre on the notebook’s own speakers or headphones.

When you want to go beyond entertainment and linkup with friends and family via video, the seamlessly integrated MOTION EYE™ camera relays your side of the conversation in high-resolution video.

With the ability to write as well as read Blu-ray Discs™ on selected models2, the VAIO FW lets you edit and store up to 50GB of personal HD video content on a single disc. Powerful software including Adobe® Premiere Elements 4.0, VAIO Movie Story and Click to Disc/Editor is pre-installed on all models so you have the tools you need right out of the box.

Visually the FW-Series is crafted to make a stylish match with virtually any interior. It’s smoothly curved body line shows to advantage from any angle, and the cylindrical hinge with a glowing power button recessed into its end cap is a VAIO design hallmark. The surprisingly compact chassis is closer to what you would expect with a 15-inch screen, and features key elements of magnesium alloy construction for great durability yet low overall weight.

The keyboard has been painstakingly designed with clear space between the keys and slightly concave keytops to make typing fast and accurate. The action is firm and precise, but silent, and the ‘isolation’ design and long key travel are unusually comfortable, even for delicate fingers with long nails.

Selected models3 offer a premium specification based on an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9400 processor and ATI® Mobility Radeon™ HD3650 graphics for turbocharged multimedia/3D performance.

1 Double lamp technology is featured on models VGN-FW11ZU/ZRU/S/SR/J

2 Blu-ray Disc™ future proof ‘read and write’ capable drives are featured on models VGN- FW11ZU/ZRU/S/SR

3 Models VGN-FW11ZU/ZRU feature both an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T9400 processor and ATI® Mobility Radeon™ HD3650 graphics

Environmental Info


  • VAIO FW11-Series models are ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • All cover/housing plastic parts >25g are halogen-free.
  • The main printed circuit boards (without components) >25g are halogen-free.


  • Plastic parts >100g are made of one single material or of easily separable materials.
  • Recycled paper or certified paper (eg FSC) is used for product packaging.
  • Extended user documentation is provided electronically on the hard disk drive to reduce paper use.


Sony is determined to lead the way as a responsible manufacturer, and as a result we are focussing on three key areas of investment:

  1. Reducing CO2 gas emissions
  2. Increasing the percentage of renewable energy used in manufacturing facilities
  3. Minimising the resources used by our factories in manufacturing