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Power up your party – with GTK-N1BT

Press release   •   Sep 04, 2013 16:45 CEST

  • Add 100W of powerful bass and clear sound to your party
  • Play all your music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet with just one touch, using NFC/Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Groove on the move with easy-to-carry slim and stylish design

Create an exciting party atmosphere

However big the party, the GTK-N1BT has the power you need to get everyone on their feet. Delivering 100W, you can change a quiet gathering into a wild celebration. A 60W subwoofer bass speaker gives you deep, throbbing bass sound, perfect for sound that’s music to your ears – bringing every party to life.

Transfer your music to the GTK-N1BT with just one touch

You’ve just put some great sounds on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and now want to hear them on your audio system? No problem. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to GTK-N1BT and the job's done. That's because the GTK-N1BT has built-in NFC and Bluetooth® technology. You can also wirelessly stream music between the GTK-N1BT and your devices simply and conveniently. No cables, complicated settings or menus to worry about.

Be your own DJ

Want to let others share your great taste in music? Just plug in a USB stick to the USB port and enjoy your latest playlist in crisp, clear sound. Whether you’re listening to indie or hip hop, you can choose from a selection of equaliser settings to get the best out of every musical genre. Multi-colour LED patterns add to the excitement and to the party vibe.

Move with the music

Whether you're getting down with the music at home or grooving on the move, the GTK-N1BT is your perfect companion. Its slim and stylish design fits either vertically or horizontally on your shelf, taking up little room. Want to take your music with you? The GTK-N1BT has built-in carry handles and a compact size to make it just as easy to take it to your next party as it is to take it into the next room.

Having a party

“We set out to create high power sound in a compact format that would be perfect for partying,” says Asuka Hosoi, Product Planner, Home Entertainment & Sound Business Group, “take a listen to the GTK-N1BT and I think you’ll agree that we’ve done just that.”