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Silence x Sound: the future of headphones now – from Sony

Press release   •   Aug 31, 2011 16:30 CEST


These highly portable headphones mean aircraft and train journeys need no longer be an endurance test. Music does not have to compete with background noise. You can turn down the volume, spare your ears and still hear every note from your MP3 player. A busy office or departure lounge is no longer an annoying distraction when you need to concentrate.

Both models are powered by the Sony S-Master Full Digital amplifier which ensures excellent overall audio quality. Each showcases Sony Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) technology that achieves a precision of ambient noise sampling and anti-phasing beyond the reach of analogue systems.

The result is extremely efficient noise reduction which is further enhanced with signal processing by the Sony Digital Equalizer. This ensures that audio output closely matches the characteristics of the original signal. A notable benefit is the elimination of the exaggerated bass that is typically associated with noise-reduction systems.

Best of all, the noise-cancelling algorithm is intelligently flexible and responsive to different environments. A touch of a button invokes the Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelling (AINC) capability which samples ambient noise and automatically selects the best mode for optimum noise-cancellation.

Physically, the two headphone models are quite distinct. The MDR-NC100D has ear buds and can be carried in a pocket. These incorporate large 13.5mm drivers with a wide frequency and dynamic range for high-quality music reproduction. The vertical, in-ear design yields both better wearing comfort and a more secure fit than conventional alternatives.

The MDR-NC200D has full-size 40mm driver units for outstanding fidelity. The housings are fitted with a pressure-relieving urethane cushion in the ear pad which works with the overall light weight design to ensure hours of comfortable use. The housings fold up below the headband, making the MDR-NC200D exceptionally compact when packed away.

People can choose the model that best suits their needs, but in either case they will benefit from sophisticated noise-cancellation, outstanding audio quality and top-end design.