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Sony Brings New Ways to Wirelessly Enjoy Personal Content; Introducing the “Personal Content Station™” and “Portable Wireless Server”

Press release   •   Feb 25, 2013 09:00 CET

LLS-201: Personal Content Station

Hub for Storing, Viewing and Sharing Personal Content Delivers “One-touch backup” and Control from Smartphones and Tablets

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Consumers looking for a better way to easily store, view and share photos and videos can turn to Sony’s new Personal Content Station (PCS). This wireless home hub gives users centralised control over their data, even if it was captured and resides on several different devices, without the hassle of transferring them to a PC.

The Personal Content Station connects to a home network to store, view and share photos and videos from multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and camcorders. It supports data transfer through a Wi-Fi connection from smartphones or tablets, a USB connection or memory cards and with 1TB of storage space it will keep your favourite memories safe.

Using near field communications (NFC) technology, with just one touch, users can automatically begin transferring the most recent photos and videos taken from a phone to the Personal Content Station. This “One-touch backup” is managed easily using your smartphone or tablet by the “PCS Manager” App (available for download through Google Play or the iTunes App Store). For non-NFC devices, users can simply start the transfer process by following the instructions on the PCS Manager App.

A key feature of the PCS device is a built-in video transcoder that automatically converts high-definition AVCHD videos to the MP4 format for playback on smartphones or tablets. The original files remain on the Personal Content Station untouched and at their original quality and resolution. Its HDMI output lets users view photos and videos on large-screen TVs in full HD (up to 1080/60p) quality.

Users can also manage and post photos and videos stored on the device to cloud network services or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from their smartphones or tablets using the app.

The PCS has a contoured ergonomic design well-suited for placing smartphones or digital cameras while transferring content and its stylish look blends easily into home environments.

WG-C10: Portable Wireless Server

Ideal Companion for Smartphone and Tablet Users; The Portable Wireless Server lets you store, share and view content whilst giving you battery back-up with its power charging capabilities

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Sony’s new Portable Wireless Server (PWS) gives consumers new options for storing and sharing content at home or on the road from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. The versatile device also serves as a battery charger, card reader/writer and additional storage by inserting an SD memory card / Memory Stick Duo™ and USB memory, giving users added control when managing data such as photos, videos, music files and office documents.

Using the “PWS Manager” App (available for download through Google Play or the iTunes App Store) all controls are managed by the user’s smartphone or tablet. With a wireless connection, users can transfer content to and from smartphones, tablets or PCs. The PWS can also connect several devices via Wi-Fi at one time, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously share and playback different content on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

The PWS becomes a Wi-Fi memory card reader/writer, a convenient option for smartphones or tablets that don’t have a memory card slot. It also functions as a back-up power source for smartphones or digital cameras. Consumers can use the PWS for up to 10 hours of continuous operation possible.


The new LLS-201 Personal Content Station and WG-C10 Portable Wireless Server are available in Europe from Summer 2013.