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Sony kicks ‘Microtising’ firmly into play

Press release   •   Nov 22, 2014 01:01 CET

Micro-sized adverts placed on Arsenal footballer Olivier Giroud’s studs showcases the beautiful detail of the beautiful game in 4K

In a world first for football, Sony has partnered with Arsenal and France international footballer Olivier Giroud for the ‘Microtising’ campaign to highlight the superior colour and detail of 4K TV technology.

With the picture quality of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs displaying such high levels of detail, a new opportunity for advertisers presents itself. Adverts no longer need to be as big as before and this new medium can sit alongside more traditional hoarding and billboards to showcase 4K technology to fans watching the beautiful game.

The latest ‘Microtising’ campaign - the word being a hybrid of microscopic and advertising - will see the Sony and 4K logo branded onto the studs of Giroud’s boots in a bid to highlight the quality and clarity of the beautiful game that can only be seen on Sony 4K TV technology.

Olivier Giroud explains why he wanted to get involved in the campaign: “Football is my passion, and I want everyone who watches it to feel what I feel when I run out onto the pitch, and 4K television is the nearest thing you can get to actually being on the pitch yourself. Sony’s ‘Microtising’ is exciting for me because you can only see it with 4K technology, and the closer my fans can get to me playing the better for me and the better for them. Detail is so important when you are playing and it’s just as important when you are watching, Sony 4K provides that detail like no other.”

The partnership builds on the success of Sony’s first ‘microtising’ campaign at Wimbledon in 2013 where British tennis star Anne Keothavong sported microscopic advertising on her fingernails, shoelaces and sporting equipment, showcasing the depth and clarity you can only see in 4K, with four times the detail of full HD.

Motoi Kawamura, Head of TV Marketing and Product Planning for Europe explains: “Our 4K Ultra HD TV’s really lend themselves to sport as you can catch every minute detail of speed and skill that justifies football’s moniker as the beautiful game. Giroud is one of the best strikers in Europe and a master of his craft, ‘Microtising’ on his studs will showcase the beauty and clarity of the 4K picture through the beauty of his sublime skill. He brings a quality that lights up every game he plays and with 4K technology we bring a quality to light up every game you watch; Giroud was a perfect fit for this campaign.

“Not content with just working with a player though, we’ll also be ‘Microtising’ on blades of grass as what’s a football player without a football pitch? The marriage of player and pitch is as perfect as Sony 4K and football – we hope viewers will feel like they are turning out themselves.”

There are now nine models in the range of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs, starting with the X85 series, the X9 series with superior sound, the recently announced curved S90 series and the ultimate X95.

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