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The detail’s unmistakeable: Sony introduces two new High-Resolution Audio speaker systems

Press release   •   Sep 03, 2014 16:49 CEST

High-Resolution Audio brings you music as it’s meant to be heard – with all the revealing clarity and emotion of the artist’s original performance. Two new speakers from Sony let music lovers experience High-Resolution Audio at home – reproducing concert hall quality without crowding your living room. The 3-way SS-AC3 and 2-way SS-AC5 are engineered with an uncompromising focus on reproducing natural, musically-engaging sound from today’s High-Resolution sources.

Both models offer audiophile-grade listening, with several design innovations from Sony’s acclaimed AR and NA ES Series speakers.

SS-AC3 3-way 6-driver floor-standing speaker

From the most intimate jazz ensemble to the slam of a hundred-piece orchestra – you’ll treasure the details of every musical moment with the SS-AC3. This 3-way floor-standing speaker incorporates an immensely strong 30mm baffle board that’s firmly joined with the rear enclosure, reducing internal vibrations to minimise unwanted colouration.

Tightly-defined, commanding bass comes courtesy of a newly-developed 130mm woofer that features a rigid aluminum diaphragm. The mid-range unit features a pressed paper cone diaphragm with spiral grooves that suppress resonance and help reproduce extremely smooth sound, particularly in the critical mid- to high-frequency region.

Mid-range and tweeter units are housed in their own acoustically isolated enclosure, separated from the woofer’s cabinet space with their own reflex port. This two-part design reduces the effects of air pressure from the low-frequency driver that can interfere with uncoloured reproduction of crucial mids and highs.

Sony’s innovative I-ARRAY™ System supplements a 25mm soft-dome main tweeter with two 19mm soft-dome assist tweeters. This combination of three high-frequency drivers improves dispersion of expressively-detailed highs, widening the ‘sweet spot’ so listeners anywhere the room can enjoy an uncompromised musical performance.

SS-AC5 2-way 4-driver bookshelf speaker

SS-AC5 is a 2-way bookshelf speaker system whose compact size belies its formidable audio credentials. Like the larger SS-AC3, it features a specially-shaped baffle board that damps vibration and resonance for remarkably pure, uncoloured sound.

The dedicated 130mm woofer is partnered by Sony’s I-ARRAY triple high-frequency driver, for a total of four drive units in a space-efficient enclosure that won’t swallow up living room space.

Two rear-firing bass reflex ports boost low frequency power and articulation for a satisfyingly extended, accurate low-end.

The new SS-AC3 and SS-AC5 High-Resolution Audio speaker systems from Sony are available in Europe from Autumn 2014.


SS-AC3/SS-AC5 High-Resolution Speaker Systems



Speaker system

3-way, 6-driver

2-way, 4-driver

Speaker units

Woofer 130mm cone type (2)

Midrange 130mm cone type (1)

Tweeter 25mm dome type (1)

Assist tweeter 19mm dome type (2)

Woofer 130mm cone type (1)

Tweeter 25mm dome type (1)

Assist tweeter 19mm dome type (2)

Rated impedance

Power (max)



Speaker type






Frequency range




197 x 960 x 295mm

186 x 350 x 295mm


Approx. 18.5kg

Approx. 7.6kg

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