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The Sony Europe guide for a 3D TV

Press release   •   Nov 04, 2010 16:01 CET

3D TVs are still a relatively new technology, and not all 3D enabled TVs are the same. Before you head online or down to your local store, it is worth considering the following aspects of a BRAVIA 3D TV:

• Sony 3D televisions have LED boost which is a feature that makes our TV’s amongst the brightest in the market
• Some LCD televisions can suffer from occasional slight blurring around 3D images, also known as crosstalk. But the good news is Sony has a high frame rate which helps to reduce crosstalk
• Sony TV’s have up to 15 LED transmitters that enable your 3D glasses to talk wirelessly to the TV, giving you a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. This means that the viewing angle and experience will not be affected
• Sony 3D glasses are easily adjustable and the side panel is covered so light or reflections will not distract from what you are watching
• An increasing amount of 3D content is being delivered direct to a 3D TV by broadcasters, satellite and cable companies. 3D content can also be watched through a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3, the most accomplished 3D source
• And last but not least, the Sony BRAVIA HX900 was awarded the best 3D LCD TV in 2010 for the picture quality on both 2D and 3D by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA)
For further information about the technical features of the Sony 3D TV, please watch the Sony BRAVIA 3D TV video or read the latest press release at The new BRAVIA® 3DTVs .