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True sound created by real artists – Sony MDR-10 gives purest, truest headphones sound

Press release   •   Sep 04, 2013 16:45 CEST

  • Supreme sound, beautiful light weight design and ultimate comfort fit
  • Compact, foldable MDR-10RC and Bluetooth® MDR-10RBT with One-touch NFC connection

Let Sony pull you closer to the spirit and soul of the music… just like the original artist meant it to be heard.

In search of the ultimate listening experience, Sony engineers have teamed up with Danny O’Donoghue, Mark Sheehan and Glen Power of The Script. Their goal was to develop a new generation of headphones that today’s leading recording artists can truly trust. The collaboration also focused on realising headphone sound that’s in tune with today’s musical tastes – especially those powerful low-frequency sounds that bass-lovers crave.

The result of this unique partnership is the MDR-10 range of premium headphones that bring every beat to life with thrillingly lifelike detail.

The MDR-10RC is a light weight, compact on-ear design that’s beautifully comfortable to wear. The over-ear style MDR-10RBT is a Bluetooth® wireless headphone with superb isolation for relaxed in-private listening.

Blending sensational sound with cutting-edge looks, both MDR-10 models give passionate music lovers the ultimate listening experience. Whatever your listening tastes, you’ll be rewarded with extraordinary clarity that connects you with all the emotion of the music. With powerful bass and soaring vocals, you’ll feel you’re right there in the studio with your favourite band.

From clubland hits to powerful pop, low-frequency lovers are in for a special treat. You’ll hear – and feel – the difference with punchy, rhythmic reproduction of deep sub-bass. Precisely-sculpted air vents maximise airflow within the headphone, letting the diaphragm ‘breathe’ more easily and respond instantly to powerful bottom-end transients.

Whether you’re into smooth soul or dub-step, you’ll be moved by every detail of your favourite tracks with unmatched clarity. Packed with advanced technologies by Sony, they’re a great match for today’s high-resolution audio recordings. Both models features generously-sized 40mm driver units, delivering effortless wide-bandwidth sound with all frequencies reproduced in perfect balance.

MDR-10RC with light weight, compact folding design

Big, beautiful sound doesn’t have to mean big, bulky headphones. The light, compact MDR-10RC blends stunning quality with sumptuous comfort. Available in black, white and red, these stylish headphones feature super-soft ear cushions for effortless wear over long periods. The headphone cord features a handy in-line remote with microphone* for fumble-free track selection or hands-free chatting on your smartphone. The folding design stows neatly in a bag or pocket.

MDR-10RBT with Bluetooth® and One-touch NFC connection

Set yourself free with all the convenience of wireless listening. The MDR-10RBT streams pristine sound from your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC, with up to a generous 17 hours of battery stamina between charges.

It’s easier still if you’ve got an Xperia™ phone, tablet or any other NFC-enabled device. Just touch the headphones against your mobile and a wireless connection’s made instantly, with no fiddly pairing or set-up codes. Streaming via Bluetooth® is also supported with other mobile devices that don’t feature NFC.

For extra convenience, the MDR-10RBT includes a built-in microphone for hands-free phone conversations.

The new MDR-10RC and MDR-10RBT premium headphones from Sony are available in Europe from the end of October.

* optional.