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TV you can believe in, picture to fuel your imagination

Press release   •   Jan 10, 2012 02:00 CET

• Our best picture just got better – sharper HD and more realistic 3D with improved X-Reality and X-Reality PRO
• More to watch, more ways to watch it – there’s new apps, channels and music in Sony Internet TV and more ways to share content around your home
• Design that can transform your room – TVs that ‘float’ or an elegant easel look

See a little further. TV to expand your horizons.

How good can a TV picture get? Can our TVs make people’s lives easier? Can we do all this and keep them looking good? These are the questions we ask every time we create a new TV. In our latest range we’ve improved our picture enhancement technology, X-Reality PRO, so that it enhances lower quality signals, taking them closer to HD quality, as well as making 2D & 3D images clearer. We’ve brought more channels, apps and connectivity to our online TVs. And we’ve made it all look more stylish in your living room with newly designed stands and screens.

Imagine what you’ll see – upgraded X-Reality and X-Reality PRO
The smart technology in our picture enhancement technology – X-Reality PRO and X-Reality, is now even smarter. The X-Reality PRO in your TV knows what you’re watching even before you do. It can recognise when there’s a face on screen, or a background scene needing more detail and adjusts the picture accordingly. It also knows what type of content you’re watching – digital TV, an online video, a photo, or a DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ – and adjusts the picture accordingly. We’ve also brought the X-Reality PRO and X-Reality picture magic to 3D content. Super Resolution now also upgrades 3D content to High Definition. The result is a sharper picture and smoother scenes in 3D. Our most exciting picture yet, no matter what you’re watching.

Experience more of the third dimension
Nothing beats a big sporting event for tension, thrills and adrenalin pumping excitement. If you can’t make the match, seeing it on a big screen in 3D is the next best thing. Our latest
Classic styles, fresh designs – a new look for 2012
Have you ever seen a floating TV? We’ve taken our design ethos even further giving our LED TVs a stand that makes them appear to rest on a cushion of air (while remaining completely stable). We’ve also created new stands with integrated speakers for a high quality sound and stylish easel stand that’s ideal for low furniture. Even our 3D glasses have had a makeover – so they’re now lighter in stylish sports-designs and with titanium frames – smart design, which does more than just look good.

Fesh ideas that help the environment
How smart can a TV be? Can it know what you’re watching and adjust the picture accordingly – not only saving energy, but giving you the optimum viewing settings? In our latest LED TVs, Scene Optimised Energy Saving technology works in conjunction with local dimming and frame dimming. This efficient form of lighting cuts energy use by 15-20% without sacrificing brightness, contrast or picture quality, giving you up to 40% energy reduction over previous models. Most of our new TVs are rated with A+ and A according to EU Energy Efficiency Class rating. A High Definition picture, with a low impact on the environment.